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Mr. Andre Zammit

General Treatment:

  • All nails cut, cleaned and filed correctly and thick and/or diseased nails addressed.
  • All corns and hard skin removed
  • Advice given on how to maintain healthy feet and lower limb issues including foot wear advice.

Specialist Verruca Treatment (Plantar warts)

  • This treatment is carried out under local anesthetic.
  • Only one verruca is treated and the other satellite verruca resolve naturally.

Toe Nail Surgery

  • This treatment is carried out under local anesthetic.
  • The side of nail is removed and the root treated to prevent further growth.
  • This procedure leaves the bulk of the nail plate intact.

Consultations are available to discuss any issues regarding the feet, whether it is from a preventative point of view or from experiencing pain in the feet, all aspects can be addressed. This is available from babies to older adults.