Aqua Fit Class is a complete body workout for everybody, combining cardio gym type exercises with deep stretching and balancing postures inspired by the yoga practice.

The absence of gravity, due to the presence of water, allows you to concentrate your body’s energy to the targeted muscle groups by the exercise.

As the water supports the body, challenging postures can he held for longer periods of time. Water noodles and water dumbbells are included as props to facilitate practice and simultaneously increasing resistance resulting in a great deep core muscle engagement.

Benefits of such a class are those of reducing heart rate, improves blood circulation and helps also in relieving back pain.



When:                                                  Tuesday

Time:                                                   10:30am

Class Duration:                                   45 minutes



x1 Aqua Fit Class                               12 

x10 Aqua Fit Classes                        €100


YUE classes are open to Members & Non-Members alike.

Attendance is strictly by pre-booking due to limited number of available spots.


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