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Wellness programs have often been viewed as a nice extra, not a strategic imperative. However, healthy employees will cost you less, and that’s a fact.

Our service:

Using the facilities and professionals offered here at YUE, we can offer seminars, workshops and exercise classes, such as:

  • Stress Management Talk
  • Motivation Under Stress Talk
  • Nutrition guide / Eating Disorders
  • Posture and Stretching Exercises
  • Pilates Workshop
  • Healthy refreshment breaks

Your benefits:

Apart from the cost effective investment in the employee’s health and companies future, below are a few more benefits:

  • Increase in employee moral, productivity and loyalty
  • Reduce workplace stress, illness and absenteeism
  • Reduce healthcare costs and work related injuries
  • No set-up costs or facility management to maintain similar fitness programme on work-site
  • Provides an attractive package for retention and recruitment of employees
  • Avoids need of having gym facilities on work-site
  • All activity will happen in the same complex. Convenient and time-effective

“Since 1995, the percentage of Johnson & Johnson employees who smoke has dropped by more than two-thirds. The number who have high blood pressure or who are physically inactive also has declined by more than half. J&J’s leaders estimate that wellness programs have cumulatively saved the company $250 million on health care costs over a decade.”

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