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Nathalie Schembri

  • Treatment for Skin Conditions: Skin Infections (Bacterial, Fungal, and Viral), Dermatitis, Chilblains, Xerosis and Cracked heels, Psoriasis, Verruca Pedis, Anhidrosis, Hyperhidrosis, Hyperkeratotic Lesions (Corns and Calluses), Abrasions and Trauma to the skin.
  • Treatment for Nail Conditions: Onycholysis, Onychomycosis (Fungal Infection), Onychogryphosis, Onychocryptosis (Ingrowing toenails), Paronychia
  • Nail Surgery (Partial and Total)
  • Diabetic Foot Screening
  • Treatment for Foot Injuries (Inflammation, Soft Tissue Disorders)
  • Biomechanical Evaluations
  • Footwear Advice and General Foot Care
  • Renal Foot Care

To schedule an appointment with Ms. Nathalie Schembri or for further assistance, kindly contact us at YUE Front Office Desk.

t: 22589810/1   |   e: info@yuemalta.com   |   f: https://www.facebook.com/Yuemalta/

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