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Mr. Andre Zammit

General Treatment:

  • All nails cut, cleaned and filed correctly and thick and/or diseased nails addressed.
  • All corns and hard skin removed
  • Advice given on how to maintain healthy feet and lower limb issues including foot wear advice.

Specialist Verruca Treatment (Plantar warts)

  • This treatment is carried out under local anesthetic.
  • Only one verruca is treated and the other satellite verruca resolve naturally.

Toe Nail Surgery

  • This treatment is carried out under local anesthetic.
  • The side of nail is removed and the root treated to prevent further growth.
  • This procedure leaves the bulk of the nail plate intact.

Consultations are available to discuss any issues regarding the feet, whether it is from a preventative point of view or from experiencing pain in the feet, all aspects can be addressed. This is available from babies to older adults.

Nathalie Schembri

  1. Treatment for Skin Conditions: Skin Infections (Bacterial, Fungal, and Viral), Dermatitis, Chilblains, Xerosis and Cracked heels, Psoriasis, Verruca Pedis, Anhidrosis, Hyperhidrosis, Hyperkeratotic Lesions (Corns and Calluses), Abrasions and Trauma to the skin.
  2. Treatment for Nail Conditions: Onycholysis, Onychomycosis (Fungal Infection), Onychogryphosis, Onychocryptosis (Ingrowing toenails), Paronychia
  3. Nail Surgery (Partial and Total)
  4. Diabetic Foot Screening
  5. Treatment for Foot Injuries (Inflammation, Soft Tissue Disorders)
  6. Biomechanical Evaluations
  7. Footwear Advice and General Foot Care
  8. Renal Foot Care