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Malta, being at the heart of the Mediterranean region would typically have a Mediterranean flavour on the foods served from Maltese plates. Typically, a Mediterranean flavor would mean lots of olive oil and garlic. However, with Malta, the foods one can partake would generally be Mediterranean but somehow Italian recipes have crept their way into Maltese palates and so it would not be surprising that fusion between Italian and Mediterranean cuisines would occur.

Wine Tourism

Wine is not a very complex drink, considering the basic idea of wine. There are a number of different varieties and types of wine, beginning with the basic white and red. People around the world are beginning to love wine. They are enjoying it, in fact, so much that many are touring the world just to taste brands specific to some parts of the world. Isn’t Gozo part of the world?
Wine production in Malta & Gozo dates back over two thousand years to the time of the Phoenicians. In the beginning of the 20th century Marsovin and Emmanuel Delicata wineries were established. In the 1970s wine production became more serious and international grape varieties began to be planted also in Gozo. Currently there is a growing demand for Maltese wines and some of the wineries resort to using imported grapes because agricultural areas are severely limited on the islands by the growth of settlements and tourism. A wine tour is when a traveller goes to specific destinations in order to view wine being made or taste a variety of different wines. Some are lucky enough to have vineyards a short distance away, but others need to travel thousands of miles in order to taste that elusive glass of wine that they have been searching for.

Not that they would mind! Aren’t our vine yards short distance away from the rest of the Island, do our tourists visiting the Islands of Malta, mainly Gozo, needs to travel thousands of miles to taste the best wine produced from the Gozitan Vineyards? The difference in wines comes in the fermenting process and in the grapes. There are dozens of types of grapes, and each grape ferments a little differently than any other. When more than two grapes are added together, another type of wine is formed. This means that there are dozens of different subtle nuances in the smell, look, and flavour of the wine. I am sure that the process applied in our Gozitan wineries produces the best ever different subtle nuances in the smell, look and flavour of wines.

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