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The name ‘YUE’ is of Chinese origin and the meaning of YUE stands for new a moon which symbolises a new beginning and a fresh start.

shutterstock_124503103Our concept is for people of all ages, backgrounds and social status. The services we offer are based on the following sectors:

Wellness, Medical & Rehabilitation Centre

Weight Loss, Work Out Classes, Medical Consultancies, Nutritionist Services, Hydrotherapy Services, Spa Services, Rehab Professionals and a Healthyshutterstock_142314778 Bistro.

YUE Active

Fitness Gym, Sports Science Lab, Functional Performance Gym, Bio-Mechanical Assessments, Injury Rehab consultancies, Personal Training.

YUE Aquatic

25m Lap Pool, Hydrotherapy Pool, Counter Current Pool, Aqua Weight Loss Programme

YUE Destination Management Company

Conference & Event Organisers, Leisure Travel & Corporate Services, Ground Handling Services, Medical & Social Services                                shutterstock_146263763

All services are offered by professionals with the best equipment available and backed up by good financial packages.

Our mission is to make each individual live better, healthier and stronger

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