Personal Training

Personal trainers are not just for stars and athletes. Every single person can benefit from working with a trainer. Personal training is truly an investment in one’s own health and well-being. Let’s take a look at the reasons why all people achieve more working with a personal trainer.


  • Prices are per person
  • Session duration is 60 Minutes
  • Pre-Booking is a must
  • We offer a FREE consultation before starting off with Personal Training
  • Members refers to persons having a valid membership whereas non-member refers to persons not having a membership or is no longer valid
  • Available for ages 14+
  • Contact us to be able to schedule your free consultation appointment

Personal Training Consultation

  • 1st Consultation – Free

Member Rates

2250010 Sessions
  • 1 Session – €25.00

Non-Member Rates

2750010 Sessions
  • 1 Session – €29.00