DEAN SCIBERRASExercise Specialist

My work involves working close with other health professionals such as physiotherapists and General Practitioners with the goal of helping people achieve their desired goals.

The focus is to tailor a programme for individuals, both for people who are after general fitness and individuals with various health conditions.

This role requires a lot of dedication as regular testing, functional & physical assessments are necessary in order to help individuals improve their overall health and become stronger.


MAVERICK VASSALLOExercise Specialist

My fitness journey all started when I was 18 years old. Being overweight and depressed I felt like I was neglecting the responsibility to take care of myself. Than one day I realised that in order for my situation to get better, I had to get better and that’s when I started to think differently about fitness and self-care. 5 years later I am now a certified Exercise Specialist with a degree in exercise for health and even better, I am in the best shape of my life and trying to improve myself daily in many ways including fitness

How did I manage to turn my life and fitness around? I simply focused on forming better habits and not on my results because the results that we see are directly related to our small daily choices.

Having developed leadership and influence skills, I can guide you on how to change your lifestyle and your overall well-being.



I care deeply about my clients, and there’s nothing of more value to me than helping somebody go through an experience that makes them happy, confident, and strong.

For me, a healthy lifestyle is much more than just lifting weights. It’s about stretching, warming up, eating healthily, and getting necessary rest and enough sleep. I make it a goal to help you achieve a happy and well-balanced lifestyle that will minimize the risk of future health-related issues.

I am a qualified RQF level 3/ EQF & MQF level 4 & Cimspa Personal Training Intructor, Kettlebell Instructor, Padwork & Outdoor Training Instructor, TRX & Circuit training Instructor.


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