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Personal trainers are not just for stars and athletes.

Every single person can benefit from working with a trainer.

Here under we will take the opportunity to introduce you to our Trainers available to assist you at YUE.


My work involves working close with other personal trainers & health specialist such as physiotherapists and General Practitioners with the goal of helping people achieve their goals. The focus is to tailor a program for individuals with various health conditions.

This role requires a lot of dedication as regular testing, functional & physical assessments are necessary in order to help individuals improve their overall health and become stronger.



My early years are one of the reasons I am active in the area of fitness.Being overweight once meant that I had to take care of my body. Listening to people that want to improve themselves is my passion since I had to overcome a number of hurdles myself.

Graduating from the European institute of Fitness UK thought me a wealth of knowledge to train people from different areas be it a beginner in the gym to a dedicated athlete. My work as a motivational coach gives people the confidence & drive not to give up.

Today I continue to improve my skills across diverse health areas with the objective of making people stronger and more fit.



  • Certified fitness instructor and personal trainer
  • Certified Kettlebell instructor
  • Cross-fit athlete
  • Graduated in Leadership and Management

I offer personal training focusing mainly on:

  • Strength training.
  • Cross-training which focuses on 4 different elements; gymnastics, body weight, metabolic conditioning, weightlifting exercises.
  • Kettlebell training / Mental conditioning.



Francesca is one of our dedicated personal trainers at YUE. Francesca is very passionate about fitness and she has studied hard to earn a qualification as a fitness instructor & personal trainer in order to help others achieve their fitness goals.

If you are looking to regain more energy & strength or just need someone to speak to in order to reach your goals, Francesca is ready to listen and share her experience.



Sport has always played a key role in my life. For 10 years,I’ve been playing football professionally. I have experience of playing in 6 different countries and working with more than 20 coaches around the world. I always loved learning and progressing.

This combination of being passionate about teaching and having keen interest in fitness has become the foundation and the inspiration of my new career.



Experience has thought me well and this knowledge helps me provide advice to clients on how to manage their training and nutrition needs to achieve results. I make their time in the gym count.

I specialise in technique and proper programming for one to feel and see the results from week to week. I emphasise on proper form and compound movements, planning client programmes according to their needs whether that is weight loss, muscle gain, toning, strength, and functionality!


To book your Personal Training session, kindly contact us at YUE Active Desk or YUE Front Office desk

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