YUE Adult Class

Pre-Natal Aqua Classes

Together with our partners from Aqua Mummies , we offer Pre-Natal Aqua Classes.

These classes are run by midwives who have undergone specialised Aquanatal training accredited by the Royal College of Midwives; and are thus able to appropriately guide every mum-to-be during the classes as the pregnancy advances.

This ensures that every exercise practiced in class is appropriate and safe for all our clients and their babies.

These classes are Aqua Natal classes which are a fun and relaxing way of keeping active throughout pregnancy, by making use of low-impact, water based exercises, which at the same time, prepare the mother’s body for childbirth by improving circulation and gently working out core muscles.

For further information and to book your sessions, you are kindly requested to contact Ms. Jolene Camilleri via phone call on 79031592 , via email on aquamummies@gmail.com or contact them via their official Facebook page.

For further information you can also visit their website www.aquamummies.com