Compression Technology gives athletes the competitive edge.

We believe recovery is just as important as training & nutrition, and should be an integral part of every athlete’s training program.

The compression system is designed to help athletes recover faster & perform better.


What are the benefits of Compression Therapy?

  • Reduces inflammation & fluid collection
  • Helps to remove toxins such as lactic acid
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Relieves conditions such as heaviness in the legs
  • Helps to avoid development of cellulite
  • Prevents & eliminates first-stage varicose
  • Strengthens loose skin caused by pregnancy or obesity




1 Area                                        *€15                           **€100

2 Areas                                     *€25                           **€170

3 Areas                                     *€30                          **€200


  • Prices are per person 
  • *Prices are per session
  • **Prices are for a pack of 10 sessions
  • Duration of session is 15 minutes
  • Booking is a must

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