The YUE Destination Management Company is setup to help individuals, families or organizational setups, plan for various events such as family holidays’, medical and health holiday’s, overseas conferences or conventions.

The service rendered by the YUE DMC is concentrated in providing knowledgeable local expertise together with logistics. The YUE DMC will guide you through the various channels, that would have been carefully assessed and that fully cater towards the end users needs. The objective within the YUE DMC is its commitment towards helping making that easier choice together with keeping peace of mind and saving time and money.

Therefore we invite you to put forward your ideas or better still let us setup a customized travel program that would satisfy your expectations and requirements.

The YUE DMC will act as an information hub based on our local knowledge for services than range from:

  • Transportation
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Restaurants Activities &Excursions
  • Conference venues
  • Themed events
  • Gala dinners and logistics
  • Meetings Incentive schemes
  • Aiding to overcome language barriers
  • Medical treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sporting Facilities

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