Together with our partners from Rob’s Swim School, we organise Kids Group Swimming Classes as from ages 3+.

Rob’s Swim School was founded in 2006 and has been organising lessons throughout the year ever since its inception as Roberta Stellini is now a name synonymous with swimming lessons.

The school’s swimming courses run for 10 weeks and the lessons are an hour long and lessons are held within on 25m Indoor Lap Pool.

At the end of each course each child will be given a Record of Achievement according to the National Plan for Teaching Swimming (UK) and a Certificate of Participation.

Turtle Class: 3yrs+ For children that are not able to swim without aids/armbands/noodles etc.

Seal Class: For children that can float comfortably and swim about 5m, unaided. This class would help to increase confidence and introduce some stroke technique.

Shark Class: For children who can swim a proper stroke for 15m, unaided. This class would help to increase endurance and improve stroke technique over a longer distance.

There will be a maximum of 10 children in each Turtles and Seals class, with 2 teachers. There will be up to 10 children in Sharks with 1 teacher.

If you have any questions regarding the level of your child or to book in your child for these group classes, do not hesitate to contact Roberta Stellini directly via phone call on 99824523, via email on

For further information you can visit the official website or Facebook Page