Social TourismSocial tourism is all of the relationships and phenomena resulting from participation in tourism, and in particular from participation of social strata with modest incomes. This participation is made possible, or facilitated, by measures of a well-defined social nature.

The clients;

Families: Family holidays have obviously changed overthe last few decades because of the evolution of the family structure, mainly characterized by the smaller and smaller size of families, and the increase in the number of single parent families.

Young people: Today, young travellers (15-25 years old) make up for more than 20% of international tourist arrivals.

Seniors: The demographic evolution over the last few years has been characterized by a rapid growth rate of the over 60 year olds. This reality, which can be explained by both the increase in life expectancy and the decrease in the number of births, will only become more marked in the future.

Dis-Abled people or people with reduced mobility: The obstacles that disabled people come cross when organizing and enjoying tourist trips are not only architectonic obstacles, but also obstacles connected to negative attitudes and behaviours. Even more than in other fields, it is fundamental to train the tourism industry staff to increase its awareness of special needs of disabled people, of adaptation measures needed for accessibility, and of the way to provide appropriate services to these clients, taking into account the different kinds of disabilities.

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