Our therapists and Personal Trainers strongly recommend water as a place for rehabilitation therapy, group session personal training, and individual personal training as well. People of all ages can benefit from the healing properties of water as well as the many advantages to exercising in water. It is enjoyable and easy to do.

You do not have to be a swimmer to participate or even get your face and hair wet. The water provides a natural massage and muscular tension release. In the water you may unload the impact on joints from 50% to 100%. Impact injuries are less likely as the buoyancy naturally protects the joints. The resistance of the water provides improved balance, and strengthens and tones musculature. Movements are naturally balanced in the water as a result of muscles that are tight on land being stretched with buoyancy in the water, while muscles that are weak are naturally strengthened with water resistance. Because the core muscles are engaged during the entire session there is no better way to strengthen abdominals and improve posture.

At YUE we have had great success with students from water classes and personal training. Participants have been pleased with overall results for the whole body, but particularly the core area. The lower back, obliques, and abdominal muscles quickly tone up and strengthen from being engaged for extended periods throughout entire sessions. The nice things is you don’t realize how hard the muscles are working during the session as you are focusing on other areas. The arms and upper body gets immediate results as well as they are being used at all times.

Many of our clients have been people who are overweight, obese to extremely obese. As listed above you can see the advantages for these demographics in the water. Their body is hidden. Because they have the constant support of the water they have a better range of motion without the fear of pain. Our trainers are able to bring them to higher levels of fitness safely that would not be possible on land.

The water can accommodate the most limited individuals such as clients confined to wheelchairs. In the water they can come out of their wheelchairs with their doctor’s approval.

Our 10 Week Weight Loss Programme at YUE includes:

  • Nutritional Programme provided by a STATE REGISTERED NUTRITIONIST including 1st consultation appointment & 2 follow-up appointments on a one-on-one basis.
  • Combined Membership (Land & Aqua) Facilities for the duration of the Weight Loss Programme (3 Month Membership).
  • 10 guided workout sessions one-on-one which can be used throughout the 10-week programme.
  • Monthly Assessments.
  • Fat Analysis.
  • Tailor made one-on-one guided programme.

Weight Loss Programme Rates:

  •  Single  Rate              €395 
  • Couple Rate             **€345

**Price is person

Contact us at Front Office Desk for further information or to book a consultation appointment.

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